World KeiMyung (KM) Taekwondo is a World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) Korean martials arts academy in Henderson, Nevada. Our friendly Master Instructors are well trained (Kukkiwon certified) and prepared to teach in a way that brings the best out of their students. At World KM, we devote ourselves to providing quality martial arts instruction to each and every student. We place a strong emphasis on improving our mind and body.

Master Jung Han Oh 6th Dan Taekwondo 4th Dan Hapkido

Kids Programs

Little Tigers

We address the needs and abilities of younger children by implementing a variety of techniques to improve focus, self-discipline, and coordination.

Advanced Programs


Effort, Kindness, Respect, Self-Discipline, and using Mental Self-Defense before resorting to violence are all key aspects of our program.

For All Ages

All Ages

Martial Arts is the perfect family motivator that reinforces traditional values. Everyone can have fun together learning self-defense and building self-esteem.

Trial can apply to first month membership fees.

Call or visit dojang for details and a free lesson!

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Taekwondo is the Korean martial art form and sport that uses the hands and feet for attack and defense. The ultimate goal of Taekwondo is to develop the character and personality of the practitioner through physical, mental and spiritual discipline.

5 Tenets of Taekwondo

  • Ye-ui 예의
  • Yeom-chi 염치
  • In-nae 인내
  • Geuk-gi 극기
  • Baek-jeol-bul-gul 백절불굴
    Indomitable spirit

Numbers and Counting

  1. hana 하나
  2. dul 둘
  3. set 셋
  4. net 넷
  5. daseot 다섯
  6. yeoseot 여섯
  7. ilgop 일곱
  8. yeodeol 여덟
  9. ahop 아홉
  10. yeol 열
  1. il 일
  2. i 이
  3. sam 삼
  4. sa 사
  5. o 오
  6. yuk 육
  7. chil 칠
  8. pal 팔
  9. gu 구
  10. sip 십


  • Charyeot 차렷
  • Gyeongnye 경례
  • Kook-kee-eh 경려
    Salute the flag
  • Poomsae 품새/品勢
  • Junbi 준비
    Ready position
  • Bahroh 바로
    Return position
  • Keehahp 기합
    Yell (shout)
  • Shijak 시작
    Begin (start)
  • Kahm-sa-hamnida 감사합니다
    Thank you


  • juchoom sohgi 주춤 서기
    horseback riding stance
  • ahp sohgi 앞 서기
    front stance
  • ahp koo bi sohgi 앞 굽이
    forward stance
  • dwi koo bi sohgi 뒷 굽이
    back stance
  • beom sohgi 붐 서기
    tiger stance
  • kuht neun sohgi
    walking stance
  • mot sohgi
    fighting stance
  • kyorugi sohgi
    sparring stance